“Hey guys, I just wanted to write to you and say what a brilliant job you’ve done on my record! It sounds beautiful and it’s exactly the kind of feel I was going for.
Thank you so much.”
Mike Noga – The Drones


“I have had the pleasure of using Crystal Mastering a couple of times now for some metal projects I’m involved with, and have been completely and utterly blown away by the results. Joe Carra’s professionalism, talent, and years of experience shows through on the final product. He has a natural ability to get the best out of a mix without crushing the life out of it with overdone compression and various other effects to make it ‘loud’. The end result is a massive, dynamic sounding final master that has a heart and soul. We’ll be back mate. \m/”
Rob Stanley
Dead Kellys
Facebook Review, 5 stars


“As a male vocalist, having worked so hard on my debut album for the last 2.5 years, I needed to find a Mastering house that could take it to the next level. Joe not only did that but took it even beyond that. His solid dedication to reaching the best possible sonic result on every song shows just how amazing he really is. Professional and efficient in every aspect of the mastering process, Joe is THE man for all your mastering needs. Book him as soon as possible. You won’t regret it! Joe, thanks so much for your staunch effort, patience and your easy-going work ethic. It was a tremendous experience for me. I’ll be back soon! Renato”
Rennie Ozzimo
Facebook Review, 5 stars


“For me and my band Brooklyn’s Finest, there is know one else in Melbourne we trust to master our tracks. Not only is Joe a super talented guy, but he also takes the time to talk to the producer to make sure that they are both on the same page with what they what to achieve.
He is always fast and i have never ever had to ask for any kind of changes to the master. he takes the time to know what you want and in my experience delivers every time! Cant go wrong.”
Zachary Grant

Facebook Review, 5 stars


“It was very easy and satisfying to get my mixes mastered by Joe. He is accessible and helpful at every step and the final sound he provides is everything a mix engineer hopes for in terms of crispness, loudness, warmth and translation across all platforms.”
Michel ‘Mich’ Malloy
Freelance Audio Engineer
Linkedin review


“Joe at Crystal has always given a great service, with as much experience as anyone in Melbourne (in a lot of genres!), and a proven track record of working tirelessly with an artist till all involved are 100 percent happy with the master going to press.”
Sam Johnson
Co Owner/ Operator at Holes and Corners

Linkedin review


“I have never been unhappy with the work Joseph has done for me and my clients. I continue to return to Crystal Mastering with confidence. I highly recommend Joseph Carra for any style of music.”
Sam Lowe
Producer / Mixing Engineer
Linkedin review


“Linked in asks for only 3 out of 7 attributes, but Joseph deserves a tick every box, Great Results, Personable, Expert, Good Value, On Time, Hight Integrity and Creative. Every album project I have mixed and had mastered at Crystal Mastering has come back perfect, I always check my original mixes against the mastered versions and only Crystal mastering has provided me a 100% success rate. ”
Adam Calaitzis
Owner Toyland Recording Studio
Linkedin review

“When you’re entrenched in the process of writing, engineering, mixing, production and composing ones music it really pays to know you can hand your work over to a great team of individuals. Crystal Mastering are highly professional, incredibly skilled and create finished masters that stay sympathetic and true to ones original creative vision. I normally wouldn’t rate a service this highly but Joe and the team are excellent communicators, offer a wealth of information have superb turn around time and deliver great product time and again. As an artist based in Toronto, Canada I have not as yet been able to find a mastering service that can deliver as promised with this level of consistency anywhere else. Inevitably you get what you pay for and Crystal Mastering know how to deliver premium product. If you’re looking for mastering with warmth,depth, clarity, headroom, fine stereo imaging and detail then look no further. Having such a great service on hand is invaluable and always makes me strive to deliver the best possible mixes and productions for them to work with. In a word “Excellent”. “
Oscar Finch
Composer (Canada)

Facebook review, 5 Stars

“Triple J’s legendary live engineer Chris Thompson put me onto Crystal Mastering many years ago. I’ve sent tons of tracks I’ve recorded all over Australia and the Pacific their way… hip hop, country, western desert reggae, gospel, metal, blues, roots, pop etc … whatever genre, Joe’s got the ears!
I also appreciate that he is a great bloke … super easy to work with and efficient… he’s helped me out with many urgent jobs and always delivered to a high professional standard…thanks Joe!”
Steve Lane – Realtone Productions


“Joe is one of a handful of mastering dudes in Melbourne who really know their craft. It’s not about the gear- it’s all about his ears!”
David Carr
Rangemaster studios.

Facebook review, 5 stars

“We were blown away by the mastered songs once complete. Crystal Mastering exceeded every expectation we had. The team were extremely personable and professional and I look forward to working with them again on all future projects”.

Marty –‘Mind Over Matter


“Hi Joe,
Thank you so much for the incredible work you did on my songs, I’m completely blown away with the finished product. Thanks also for your patience and correspondence with this first timer. All the best Pal”.
Neil Mitchell
Singer songwriter


“After mixing I wasn’t certain we’d nailed it, I’d had an idea for the sound of the album ruminating for the 2 years it took to produce, I didn’t think we’d quite captured it. That was until Joe added his clarity and luster – he brought all the songs together into a beautifully polished whole. Who would have thought mastering could make such a difference? We gave him great mixes that we’d spent a lot of time perfecting, but he gave the guitars the sharpness they needed and made the vocals soar. We were striving all along to keep the rhythm section sounding huge, and Joe didn’t need to be told, he just delivered. Thanks Joe. Excellent job.”
Jaap Badlands
Facebook Review, 5 stars

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