Please supply mixes with the following specs;
Bit Rate : 24bit (or 32bit float)
File Format : WAV or AIFF
Sampling Rate : 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96kHz
Hard Drives : Mac or PC formatted
Uploading mixes
If you are uploading mixes to us, then there’s a few simple things that will help us streamline your project;
1) We prefer you ‘zip’ all your mixes up in one folder, as this makes it much easier for us to keep track of your project. You can upload your mixes here : Crystal Mastering Drop-box
Alternatively, you can also send us a link from your very own own Drop Box, Google Drive, Hightail, We Transfer or similar account.  Send the invite to
2) It helps to number your mixes so we know where to place the song on the final master (e.g.  1. ‘I Love Music’)
3) It’s a good idea to leave at least one second
of silence at the beginning of all songs when
you output your final mix. Some audio applica-
tions can clip the very start of your mix when
rendering the final bounce.
4) If possible, avoid providing mixes with limiting or ‘maximising’ plugins on the master fader as this can greatly hinder our efforts to provide you with the best possible sounding master.
If attending a session, we prefer clients bring thumb drives, as large hard drives full of content must be scanned for viruses prior to mastering which can take some time. To eliminate lengthy virus checks, we strongly encourage clients to supply hard drives that contain only the tracks needed for mastering.