Studio A

Our studios are a true floating design, with each mastering room built as a free-standing shell, resting on hundreds of rubber isolation pads. Purpose designed and built from the ground up, our mastering rooms represent the very best that modern, acoustic science has to offer, creating the ultimate listening space to appraise your recordings.


Studio A is configured around a custom designed, analogue, mastering console. Providing an extremely pure and short signal path, the console allows us to work with the finest out-board equipment, ranging from valve compressors, to precision mastering equalizers.

Mastering for Stereo & Dolby Atmos.


Peter Brown & Associates

Mastering Console

Crookwood – Custom, Analogue Mastering Console



Dolby Atmos Monitors
Genelec 8330A
Genelec 7360A subwoofers
Genelec calibration and set-up by
Stephen Spurrier


Buzz Audio. REQ-2.2 Mastering Equalizer
The Buzz eq is the finest mastering equalizer available today. It boasts 72 frequency selections and houses only the very best in analogue electronics. At the flick of switch, it also allows the engineer to adjust a saturation circuit, if a more vintage sound is required.
Weiss EQ 1 mkII, Dynamic EQ
Clariphonic Parallel EQ
High Voltage Audio Custom, Vinyl mastering EQ
High Voltage Audio -EQ6S
Summit EQP-200B (valve eq)


Lavry Gold AD 122-96 Mark III
Lavry Blue DA 824
Digital Audio Denmark

Compressor / Limiters

Manley Vari-Mu (Tube compressor)
Smart Research
Junger D02
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Considered to be one of the most desirable compressors on the planet, The Shadow Hills houses both an optical and VCA compressor under the hood. The unit also boasts nickel, iron and steel transformer options, giving the engineer the choice of clean, coloured or dirty characteristics.

Transports & other gear

Studer Tape machines
Plextor Master CD writer
Cabling & power conditioners by Gary Cawsey