Digitising audio from just about any legacy format, is another service we offer. Whether it’s from a standard audio cassette or reel to reel, Crystal Mastering houses one of Australia’s largest collection of audio playback equipment. All transfers are carried out on perfectly maintained machines as well as being captured on mastering grade converters.

The engineers at Crystal Mastering are well versed in the use of all analogue play back equipment and are thorough in the calibration and set up of all transfers. We operate to world’s best practice and adhere strictly to the IASA technical guidelines.

Not only can we digitise your audio, we can also improve the quality of the source material through digital restoration processes or full re-mastering.

We have tape machines that cater to all playback speeds; from 15/16 ips all the way t0 30 ips. We also have a wide selection of track widths. From standard stereo playback, through to 1/4 track and mono.

Some of our playback equipment includes;

  • Studer, A80 1/4 inch tape machines
  • Revox, logging machines
  • Nagra, mono tape machines
  • Tascam, 122 MkIII cassette decks
  • Mini & Micro-cassette players
  • Sony, PCM-F1 decoders
  • Various Sony and Tascam DAT players
  • Sony Mini Disc players
  • Record Cleaning Machines
  • Archival phono preamps
  • Various Dolby Decoder units
  • 4 Track Cassette machines