Joseph Carra`

Director / Mastering Engineer

Joe is the chief audio engineer at Crystal Mastering. His career spans over two decades, from tape based mastering, through to the digital revolution that has taken over the music industry. The half inch master tapes that were once delivered to him in person, have now become hi-resolution audio files, more often than not, sent via the internet. Even with all this digital disruption in the music industry, Joe is still an avid user of analogue gear, and has learnt to fuse the two technologies in a productive and creative fashion.

Whilst finishing his music & audio studies at La Trobe University, Joe worked in the quality control section of a cassette manufacturing plant. Here, his job entailed listening to the production master against the duplicate, trying to hear any audible differences or flaws introduced by the manufacturing stage. After some time at this, he found himself working in the cassette mastering room, where CD mastering followed soon after.

Joe has a passion for playing anything with a set of keys, from his acoustic piano to his beloved Ensoniq SQ-80 synthesizer.

Joe has worked with acts such as King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Courtney Barnett, Illy, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Plutonic Lab, San Cisco, Safia, Dick Diver, Trem One, The Peep Temple, The Potbelleez, Super Wild Horses, Darryn Farrugia, Eagle & the Worm, Bliss N Eso, Augie March, Jackie Onassis, Be’lakor, Mekanism, M-Phazes, Russell Morris, The Waifs, Bloc Party, 50 Lions, Brad Strutt, Jess Harlen, Pegz, Sgt Slick, Collards Greens & Gravy, Dj Havana Brown, Lloyd Speigel, The Murlocs, Planetshakers, The Blackeyed Susans, Ministry of Sound, The Funkoars & Archie Roach.

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Redmond Black

Mastering Engineer

From handed-down reel-to-reel tape and cassette recorders in his childhood, Red has been obsessed with audio for the vast majority of his life. Red has combined his love of analogue and digital audio systems and has built up extensive experience across various aspects of not only studio and live music production, but also composition and sound design for film and television.

With credits as a composer, music producer, programmer, audio engineer and sound designer, Red has earned a reputation as an engineer who works tirelessly to get the most out of every project he’s involved in.

Red has recently worked with acts such as Mushroom Giant, Aluka, Ennis Tola, Sleep Parade, Geamala, Shiver Canyon, Roni Shewan, Glasfrosch, Rouge Fonce, A State of Flux, Art of Wor, Copse and Varliiba.

Bradley Clarke

Audio Engineer

Bradley Clarke is the newest member of our team. A graduate of the JMC Audio college, Brad is involved on many of our transfer and restoration projects, working mostly with the studio’s vast collection of analogue tape machines.
A highlight amongst his projects is the international, classical release for ‘The Spivakovsky Project’.
Brad also excels in the use of ‘menu log’ and has trained all staff on the use of this fundamental studio app.


Audio Engineer

A seasoned, studio pro, Amarevois has over 20 years experience as an audio engineer in both the analogue and digital domains. Her skills range from recording, mixing, location sound, ADR, sound design, foley work and post production for film and television, Amarevois has also spent the last decade designing and installing studio facilities for both artists and educational institutions, as well as teaching audio production to a range of clients.

As of 2013, Amarevois brought her extensive array of studio experience to Crystal Mastering. Her customer service and professional approach to all projects makes her a great asset to the team.