So what is

Basically, it allows our clients to send us their mixes via the internet. It’s that simple. Just send us your mixes via your favourite file sharing service & leave the rest to our team. Examples of files sharing services are WeTransfer, Google Drive & DropBox. Feel free to use the Crystal Mastering dropbox below.

Upon completion, we will deliver an electronic copy of the master to you. The final master will be sent as an audio file, ready for on-line distribution. If you are pressing CDs, an industry standard, ‘DDP’ file, ready for the duplication plant will be delivered. You can audition this master file, by using our custom DDP player.
This DDP player not only allows you to hear the final master, but also approve the spacing in between tracks as they will appear on the replicated CDs.
The DDP player also allows you to burn a CD copy for your own personal reference, as well as extract the audio as audio files for online distribution. For your convenience, you can find our DDP Player here – DDP Player
If you’re pressing vinyl, we will issue you 2 audio files labelled ‘Side A’ & ‘Side B’, along with the cue sheets for the plant.