“The boys at Crystal always do a fantastic job with the mixes I send them, always super consistent.
Rad guys, killer studios and great mastering”
Matt Darcy – Basin Productions
Studio A at Crystal Mastering houses our 5.1 mastering system. Our custom Crookwood console, allows us to master and monitor your music in 6 channels of high fidelity audio. If required, Studio A also has the ability to ‘Up-mix’ a stereo source to 5.1 surround.
Some selected surround projects include:
– Gerry & the Pacemakers – Live in concert
– Doug Parkinson – Live in concert
– The Crystals – Live in concert
– Discovery – with ‘The Melbourne
                     Philharmonic Orchestra’
– Johnny Tillotson – Live in concert
– The All Stars – Live in concert
– Bobby Rydell – Live in concert

A featured 5.1 work for the studio is, ‘Discovery’. Described as Nature’s Symphony in 4 movements, it was composed by Ms Dindy Vaughan.
“Discovery” the symphony was performed by district choral singers and the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra at a packed house at Portland’s Civic Centre and again at the Edge Theatre in Melbourne.  Recorded and mixed by Brian Cavagnino, the 5.1 DVD was mastered by Joe Carra.